Commissions and Collaboration

I get excited by dystopia, political themes, comedy and horror. I have a keen interest in developing psychological drama, social theatre and using magical realism. I aim to combine my performance art background with my writing skills. My mission is to hold up a mirror to society and explore what makes us human.


I was recruited to write for a community project to raise money for The Regency Town House in Hove. What if Walls Could Speak is an immersive site-specific piece created in collaboration with director Debbie Fitzgerald, amateur performers, historians, and a folk choir. Performed in September 2022, the show sold out. There are plans to develop this production further. Take a look behind the scenes.

As the resident writer of Close Encounters Theatre Company in Zurich, I have developed several significant projects. One of the most rewarding adult theatre productions was Love and Empty Places, a verbatim piece dramatising actors’ personal stories. It involved conducting interviews with the participants from which I devised the script. It was performed live in December 2020 in Zurich. One of the most recent youth production was a reimagining of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, performed in December 2021. Other shows include Seven Sins, a dark comedy about the perils of school life, and The Darker Side of Grimm, a selection of the Brothers Grimm tales reworked with a modern twist and even more grit.

Close Encounters first commissioned me in May 2020 to write eight scenes for online production. I titled these Extraordinary Tales of the Locked Down World. The stories were thematically linked to the pandemic and explored love, isolation, mental health, and the not-too-distant future. They were performed virtually in June 2020 to an international audience with great success. Close Encounters then commissioned me to write Extraordinary Tales Part Two, which live-streamed in March 2020. Creating work in this hybrid of theatre and film has been exciting for me as an artist.

Zurich International School commissioned me in 2021 to write The Three, a short science fiction film for children about joyriders from the future. This was produced in 2022.

As a dramaturg, I assisted Catherine Cronin in the development of her one-woman show, Orphan Disease, about cancer survival. This was performed in August 2021.

Slackline Productions selected one of my short scenes, Stranger in the Mirror and produced it for their YouTube channel in July 2020. It highlights the pandemic’s effect on mental health and access to treatment.

Selected as one of 13 student playwrights to be part of ACT ii, I devised a short playA Small Trifle which explores polyamory and sexual identity. This was developed and performed virtually as part of the ACT ii festival 2020. It was nominated by ACT ii for the 2020 Off Westend OnComm awards. It also features on the Scenesaver website.