It’s been a hugely enjoyable experience collaborating with Emma on Town House Voices. She has been a warm and generous creative partner with an instinctive ability to realise ideas developed during the rehearsal process in her writing. Emma has shown a great capacity to support and encourage the ensemble to experiment with and explore characterisation and manages to skilfully translate these into scripted scenes and a narrative framework. It has been exciting seeing the piece evolving, with Emma imaginatively weaving together historical research and untold stories in the setting of a Regency house.

Debbie Fitzgerald

Artistic Director of the Town House Voices Company


Emma is a wonderful writer for both youth and adults. Her work is insightful and poignant because it deals with many possible future realities. Emma is not afraid to take risks, making her plays surprising and unique.

Tara Brodin

Artistic Director of Close Encounters Theatre Company Zurich


Emma Kelly doesn’t ‘teach’. She walks the talk of  ‘showing not telling’ with her attitude, her questions, her encouragement and her feedback. She creates a respectful atmosphere in which participants can develop as script-writers. She moderates a shared space where everyone can safely show their work and both give and receive feedback. After every session, I felt encouraged to keep improving. 

I had never written a scene of dialogue when I joined Emma’s beginner’s class, by the end of it, I had completed the first draft of a play.

J. Baer


Emma is a brilliant teacher who creates a highly welcoming and supportive atmosphere. She is adept at setting inspiring writing exercises, and she provides extremely helpful feedback. The sessions were great fun. I had no particular expectations when I joined the class of what I would achieve, but rather to my surprise, I have completed a full play!

Richard Toye

Professor of History Exeter University


Having Emma as a dramaturg was utterly essential and inspiring. Emma has a remarkable ability to edge you towards the truth of your work without it feeling forceful or pushy. I was encouraged to put everything on the table and use what I needed. She is a talented writer and an honest artist.

Catherine Cronin

Author of Orphan Disease