School’s Out

Atheist, carnivore, emotionally unavailable Kate has a macabre interest in cutting up animals. She must find love to prove she is an independent woman, except she has no filter and is socially awkward, ultimately, she hates people. Desperate to rebel and leave a New Age commune in Newhaven behind, Kate leaves her life partner and moves to Brighton with her two kids. She sets up a taxidermy business specialising in stuffing people’s dead pets. Her hippy, vegan parents are horrified that she has left the commune and believe it is just a cosmic blip, one of her fads. There is a ‘blessing’ at the commune at the end of the summer, Kate wants to attend with a new man, a thriving business and a perfect, normal, independent life. This will prove she doesn’t need the help of the collective that has miss-understood her for so long. There is only one problem, her ex life partner is running a transcendental meditation centre in India and has no input in the childcare at all. How can she overcome her lack of childcare and social tact to find love in the city? To make things worse she only has six weeks and school’s out for summer.